New Construction

To be a part of an idea from inception to completion is exciting and very rewarding. From blue prints to installing the last knob on a cabinet, this process is a journey of enfoldment…a preparation for a new birth…with the labor pains fading as a slight memory of where it all began, to the joyous celebration when all is complete….priceless!”

What Is New Construction?

When building a new home or taking on a remodeling project, there are an endless amount of decisions to make. New Construction is where we meet with the client of the new home while under the beginnings of construction, plus meet the builder to help make the process easier with the choices. Selecting all of the finishes and fixtures can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned client. We will help to guide the client to choose all of the amenities from flooring to paint color; window treatments to cabinets and hardware. This collaboration, will help the builder and contractor to focus on the construction while we provide choices before installation.
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