I have listed a few services that will give you an idea of the type of assistive work I provide. Again, I customize the services to what the client’s needs are for each project. The definition of Services is an act of assistance, a helping hand, a kindness or favor. A beautiful Golden Rule to live and work by…”

Below are listed descriptions of services I offer:

If needed, a combined service package could be customized to better fit the project you are looking to design. This would be determined after our first consultation and after the client questionnaire is submitted and reviewed together.

To begin our process, I would suggest you email me at and tell me a little about yourself, your project, even some photos of the room(s) if you want, and the best time to meet for our first consultation. The reason I ask to email me this information is because I may miss your call while in transit driving; or with a client and phone is turned off; or in the middle of working on a custom piece. With emails. I can read and respond any time of the day or night and vice versa.

Home Consultation: I come to your home to hear your project ideas, determine the direction to proceed, and answer any questions you may have about the process. If you have submitted the questionnaire before our consult, we will lightly discuss. This is a time to get to know each other and include any pictures or inspiration pieces you want to share. Before I leave, I may take room photos and measurements to refer to later. The consult takes about an hour *$45.00 plus tax (payment due on site)

New Home Construction: This fee is based on square footage of new constructed space and will include choosing all permanent fixtures for the new home, ie: lighting, cabinetry, flooring, paint, tile, hardware, exterior siding. Price is $1.00 per square foot but price may vary a bit due to complexity of finish and detail. (Fee is based on finished square footage of the home ie. If basement will not be finished or decorated, then that square footage will not be included in fee, and/or if garage is to have special flooring, or window treatments, then garage sq. footage will be added to the fee) This option is for full new home construction only does not include remodel or one room add-on. Consult time to further discuss concept and needs of each room plus the design and development of each room, will be billed under the Home Consultation rate. Example: (Design time for tile layout and cabinet layout will be charged separately at design rate of $60/hr)
I will schedule meetings to provide pictures/samples of products chosen with 1-2 workable options for approval throughout construction process at Home Consult $45/hr hourly rate.
(All fees need to add 8% sales tax plus mileage)
• Any approved custom finishes either with painted walls, window treatments or custom woodwork etc. will be calculated separately and invoiced by individual (if artisan hired through me)
• All structural contractors will be compensated directly by the client via the builder contract
• Time meeting with contractors will be billed up to an hour at $45/hr plus mileage and tax.

Complete Room Design (per room): I like to think of this as starting with a blank slate. Maybe you are just moving in to a new house or in the middle of new construction and need help to style a room. Decisions can be overwhelming from choosing paint, flooring, window treatments, and furniture placement. I will draw a rough sketch of the room, discuss a room layout for furniture placement; share inspirations with you of paint colors, fabric swatches, and accessory suggestions to determine shopping lists as applicable. I will collaborate with an Independent contract kitchen designer and contractors for a final plan approval. Once the design is approved, (price includes one round of my design changes), we will need to determine if I do some of the shopping, or all; determine the timeline; be on-hand for product deliveries for placement; check in on sub-contract work; and for the final installation of furniture/accessories. Average cost: * $550-$1200 per room (based on sq ft and amount of design work required)

Redesign by room: This package is for the client that may be in the market for purchasing a few new furniture pieces, or just looking for some updated accessories to restyle the room and give it a new look. I will draw a rough sketch the room, collect visual pictures to share and determine style of room; and share inspiration ideas to use as a shopping guide. We will determine if we both shop together, or solely, and then once all accessories are on site, the final installation. Average cost: *$300-$650 per room (based on sq ft and amount of design work required)

A La Carte: For those quick, small projects where you just need a helping hand with a design for an hour or two, there is this option for an hourly rate of *$60/hr.

Staging to Sell: If, let's say you were getting your house ready to sell and wanted some help on how to "stage" it to attract buyers. I would be hired to create a great "product" for buyers to get emotionally attached to and want to purchase. This process would be de-personalizing your home and making it attractive to as many types of buyers as possible. This service is called "Staging to Sell". For this service I would come and do a walk-thru of the whole house, including the exterior, taking photos and noting suggestions of how to prepare your house to show at its best. I will prepare a report room by room of what we discussed on our tour and send it via email. This report is great for the DIY client who would use the report as a guide, pack up excess personal items and rearrange what was staying according to suggestions in report.
Price for the walk-thru and report only: *$100

Using the report as a guide, if you request assistance implementing the suggestions on the report to ready your home for that first open house, price is based on hourly rate of *$60.

Color Consulting: (CCE) Each color consultation begins with a phone interview and then moves to an on-site consultation where I pick your entire paint palette (walls, trim, ceilings, etc...) as well as finishes for four main rooms(kitchen, baths, living room, dining room, family room) in the home for $300. Each individual room (bedrooms) cost is $69 or if you need paint for the whole house (up to 10 rooms and 4 hours) it’s $590. Here’s what you can expect to gain from the $300, two-hour working session: I will pre-interview you on the phone to hone in on your color preferences, style and color sensitivity. I come armed with large, color samples that I’ve narrowed down based on the phone interview and I leave the final paint choices with you, so that you can get used to seeing the color on the walls. We will walk through the space together and I will be following a set of color rules based on your current furnishings and fixtures to insure that a perfect home color scheme is developed. At the end of the two hours, you will have a thorough plan for each paint color to use for all walls, trim, ceilings, cabinet, as well as the finish for the spaces we go over. You will even have a set of design ideas you can do yourself down the road that will enhance the space and palette we chose.

Shopping Service: This service based on hourly rate of $30/hr where I will shop, pick up samples and/or products for project.

*Mileage and shopping service billed separately on invoice
* All services will be subject to sales tax.
*Mileage charge based on current standard US rate and subject to change as Government changes rate)

**Prices subject to change-if contract signed, prices are locked in at current rate

Design Questionnaire

To better understand your home project needs. send me an email at and I will reply back with a quick questionnaire and set up a date for a consult where we will discuss your project at length.
Also, the questionnaire is used as a guide throughout the design process.
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