I’ve had the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients and I so appreciate their feedback. We all can gauge our efforts by customer reviews, so here are just a few to share" -

Returned from Cleveland yesterday, walked into the house and for the first time in over a year did not feel overwhelmed. Thank you for helping to make me love "our home" again. Your ideas are perfect. Thanks again
for your energy, imagination and consideration! …TD

Thanks for all your professional and artistic expertise and support throughout the staging process . I hope you took pictures to use in your portfolio to convince future potential customers to make use of your service . I think you did
an excellent job of matching furniture and decorations to the style of the house to give buyers the picture of what the home could look like ! At any rate, thanks again for your special care during the staging and de-staging process and
we wish you continued success with your business ! Best Regards…CM

Thank you for the timely report. Very helpful. I will be doing photos tomorrow or the next day. It was a complete pleasure to meet you and hear what you had to tell us..all good info. Sincerely,…P&N C

….I had to keep deleting sentences to keep it brief because I can't say enough about how happy we were to have your help and services. Thank you again for jumping right in and taking care of us last week (and tolerating the little ones interfering). Everyone at the party noticed and liked the changes! We let our friends and neighbors know you helped us a ton and are so happy to send more customers your way. Taylor was incredible at helping us stage our home for selling and later decorating our brand new home –making a big impact! She was extremely efficient, delightful to work with, resourceful, provided speedy and effective feedback and delivered exactly what we wanted for our growing family. She left us with creative and unique, but tangible, ideas and suggestions to continue to make our home functional, beautiful and feel like “us”. We've received many compliments on our home and would recommend
Taylor 100% for anyone who feels stuck or uncertain at any point in the decorating process on any budget! …E&N B

… I love what you have done to update/transform my friend’s home these past few months!
Every time I come for a visit she shows me something new. It's been fun watching the transformation and seeing my friend get excited about her home again! I would love it if you could take me on as a client and help me do the same with my home… I hope you can fit me in….LN

Thanks for all your ideas and input in making our home so beautiful!...LP

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