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MACKENZIE-CHILDS 8" Pitcher Vintage 1990 Stoke Gabriel-Retired


MACKENZIE-CHILDS Retired shape- 8" tall Majolica hand-painted pitcher in the Stoke Gabriel pattern. Pitcher was purchased in 1990 as per old original logo stamp on the bottom of the pitcher states. Pitcher was built and painted at the studio factory in Aurora, NY while Victoria & Richard MacKenzie-Childs were the owners and only designers.

Stoke Gabriel is the home of Rose Cottage and Mr. Baker and Mrs. Gilmore and Violet and M. Whitney and the Elliots and the Prowses and JoAnna and the Vicar. It encircles the estuary of the River Dart in England. (Where Richard and Victoria used to live while working in a pottery)

Inside is creamy white glaze, clean as a whistle!

This Pitcher was made with the red terracotta clay that Richard M-C formulated so it could be slipcast- ie. poured into a mold. Once the walls of the clay inside the pitcher had thickened enough, the remaining slip was poured out and left to harden a bit then taken out of the mold to dry longer. The handle was applied separately before piece was fired. Piece was fired twice, once at a low temperature, and then at a higher temperature once it was glazed and hand-painted.

Colors include grey scallops, red berries w/green stems, squiggle bands in yellow, rose, and sage green. Raspberry dots surround the spout and light and dark blue swirls down the handle, and around the middle. A couple of tiny pinholes, these are not defects but characteristics of Majolica clay. They are caused by particles in the clay "blowing" out of the painted surface of the clay during the firing in the kiln. If you look closely at Majolica pieces in museums from Italy, you will find that many of them have crazing, pinholes and white spots as well. That is why Victoria & Richard chose this clay medium, they loved the gritty, earthy look and seeing the hand in the work. Also, see close up photo there is an area on the yellow squiggle that was smudged a bit before firing, another proof of the hand in the work..

The pitcher is completely glazed inside to hold liquid, but is recommended to always put on a coaster or something that will protect the surface of furniture since the bottom is natural clay and can be a bit rough.

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